Science and technology are primary productive forces

The company takes "science and technology as the primary productive force" as the guiding ideology, adheres to the market-oriented, efficiency-centered approach, and uses the R&D center as a resource integration platform to conduct research and development of new materials and equipment in the field of composite materials, and organize the team. The technology tackles new theories and new processes, continuously develops new materials, new application areas, reduces costs, improves quality, enhances product competitiveness, promotes technological advancement of enterprises, and improves economic efficiency.

International cooperation to jointly develop the future

The company attaches great importance to the research and development of new products and technological innovation, and the R&D investment has increased year by year, maintaining exchanges and close cooperation with international industry and professional institutions. Work closely with distribution agencies in Japan, FRP, Singapore SHCP, Philippines, Indonesia and other countries to exchange new information and new products for market demand.