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Adding to the global trade of the fiberglass industry

Founded in 2002, the company specializes in fiberglass and products, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, polyester foam materials, plastic honeycomb panels, aluminum hydroxide powder, all kinds of refrigerated trucks and RV compartment panels, PC PVC panels, composite materials and winding, pulling Squeeze the import and export business of professional equipment. With the industry-leading technology and experience in the field of glass fiber and composite materials, we have established long-term stability with customers in more than 30 countries and regions including Europe, America, Japan, Middle East, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia. Good working relations.


Product Center

Product Center

The company's products include: medium alkali-free glass fiber roving, expanded yarn, woven fabric, chopped strand mat, knitted felt, composite felt, composite fabric, surface felt, continuous felt, chopped strand, self-adhesive bag, net Cloth, alkali resistant fiber, electronic grade fiber and fabric.

  • Fast penetration

  • Strong adsorption

  • High mechanical strength

  • Uniform tension

  • Good film properties

  • Good craft


Widely used in: automotive parts, FRP hulls, sanitary ware, water tank cooling towers, anti-corrosion pipes, storage of automotive parts, wind turbine blades, wall reinforcement, exterior wall moisturizing


Jiaxing Hongyu New Materials Co., Ltd. Annual production of 6,000 tons of high performance glass fiber chopped strand mat and 3,600 tons of glass fiber woven Grid new construction project Announcement of EIA documents